Smart Zero Limits, the new offering from Vodafone FRAUD For some weeks now there were rumors that Vodafone was going to make substantial changes to the tariff plan Zero Limits Smart (what I currently use).


Today, finally, the telephone operator has removed the veil from the new calling plan offered by presenting the Smart Zero Limits (fancy that, eh ).

Let's find out together what the new plan provides telephone Smart Vodafone Zero Limits .

The new option of Vodafone requires a fixed charge € 3 per month and offers:

Monthly Fee: 3 €
Daily Charge: 30cent
Included: Internet + Mobile SMS to Vodafone
Specifically , we: compared to the current Zero Smart Limits the fee changes from 1 € per week to 3 months € (free for the first 3 months), daily from 0.50 € to 0.30 € per day (scaled to the first days of operation (connection or SMS).

Beware, though: unlike the present one, the new promotion NOT include calls unlike the previous counter 100MB monthly.

In summary:

the current one ( Zero Limits Smart ) costs 4 € per month + 0.50 € per day, for a total of 19 € a month or so, including calls, endless messages to Vodafone and internet
the new ( Smart Zero Limits ) costs 3 € per month + 0.30 € per day, for a total of 12 € per month, but includes only the Internet and messages, DO NOT call. Moreover, the limit is set at Internet MONTH ONLY 100MB! = A REAL FRAUD FOR YOU!

These are the details of Vodafone on the "promotion" :

The new promotion is cheaper, it is true, but it also offers much less, and especially what you do with 100MB of internet per month? 100MB is exhausted in 5 days, I dare not imagine the rates that will apply when the roof bit lower than MB.

Also the name of the tariff has been designed specifically to confound the customer , I hope that the associations take action to protect consumers and punish the operator with a substantial fine for attempting in any way to create confusion in the minds of consumers less experienced !

However, remember that you can subscribe to the Zero Limits Smart directly from the official website Vodafone, where you can also find all the details on the rate. The first 3 months are included and therefore do not have to pay the fee of 3 €.

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