Free Sms From Cosmote Site Cosmote is greek but there is also a version in English.


To send sms you need to register and assign a phone number to register. Each text message can be up to 140 characters max.

Free: Yes
Sender: the number of registered mobile
Number of SMS can be sent: 10
Limitations: No, but it seems there may be problems sending to H3G
Captcha: No

Free SMS to Facebook and Twitter :

Just installed the new page design advantage also to communicate that premiered on Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Free SMS also on Myspace,We continue to expand the presence of Free SMS on the network.
After incorporate us in Twitter and Facebook , the 2 most used social networks globally, we do also in Myspace .
You can come and join the page or by Signup our site At the same time we changed the url of our Facebook page This has been possible thanks to all the fans that are joining in this new page.

Free calls from your phone to your Facebook friends

a provider of telephone service with VoIP ,has launched an application for devices running IOS and Android that allows voice calls to your friends on Facebook , via WiFi and 3G.
This way you do not pay roaming or international calls, " Vonage Mobile App for Facebook "can be downloaded free.
You can only make free calls to your contacts who have the application,With people you do not have it installed you can only send instant messages.
Once installed on your mobile and connected to the Internet, either through 3G or WiFi , just choose the friend you want to call and press the button.
Also you can Send free SMS using your Facebook profile : To send five free messages a day using your Facebook profile search and enter the Chat SMS , you must allow access to your basic information.
Once you accept you must select the destination country along with the phone number you want to send the message, type it and press the "Send SMS", The message is sent instantly.